Getting Through the "Thomas Times"

On the road of faith, we all encounter "Thomas" times – bumps full of doubt. Some of us jump right over them, while others may stumble, falling into a pit of confusion. And the result… we become a Doubting Thomas. I’ve been Thomas and I bet you have too, or you know someone who is right now. There is no shame if you struggle with doubt. God invites your questions and wants to turn your confusion into clarity just like He did for Thomas. Imagine what it was like for Thomas when Jesus, His Master and Friend, was crucified? The shock, the sorrow – but maybe he wasn't simply a doubter; maybe he was a seeker ... an honest seeker?

On Friday, Thomas's hopes were crucified on the cross along with Jesus.

Good Friday? It didn't feel so good to Thomas. Do you know how he felt? You lose something precious to you — a dream, a relationship, your health, your sense of purpose or security. Your hopes are shattered, and life suddenly isn't what you expected.

On Saturday, Thomas was stunned, shocked, and grief stricken — Jesus had died.

It wasn't supposed to turn out this way. Perhaps you know how he felt because you find yourself in the aftershock of disappointment or tragedy. You are stuck in a hard place and overwhelmed by sadness and confusion. What you hoped for didn't happen, or what you prayed would not happen did. You aren't sure what to do, but you know for certain that your life will never be the same.

On Sunday, Thomas heard from his friends that Jesus was alive.

Alive? He rose from the dead? Shouldn’t Thomas have an exclamation point at the end of that sentence instead of a question mark? This meant hope is alive! But what should have filled him with hope instead left him feeling uncertain and unhappy. What was wrong with him?

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