Gifts or Bribes?

How to make sure you have a miserable Christmas. Giving gifts can be a dangerous activity, especially if you give gifts to yourself. No, I am not talking about the present under the tree that is labeled from you to you. I am talking about the gifts you give to your wife or husband or your kids or others close to you.

One example is giving a gift to someone for the pleasure of seeing how much you are appreciated. For example, you are feeling unappreciated by your wife. You find a gift you think will please her and tip the scales back in your favor. This is where things get murky. You spent money on something you really could not afford, so that she would think you are wonderful. When your wife is not overwhelmed with your gift, you are hurt.

You feel this way because in reality, you were giving the gift to yourself. This sort of gift only brings unhappiness. This is the gift that keeps on hurting.

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