Give Courage Not Just Compliments

What do you need more ... courage or compliments? Think about it. Which one boosts you and buoys you? Which one gives you what you need to take the next step or do the next right thing?

For me, it's courage that I need. Compliments are nice, really nice, but courage does something in me that is bigger and stronger.

I learned about the power of encouragement from my guide dog.

Yes, I used to have a guide dog. Now, I just use a white cane and non-directionally challenged humans to get around, but I used to have a guide dog named William. I know, I know. His name sounds more like it should belong to a U.S. President or your Grandpa, but it was the name given to my guide dog.

It was a steamy July day in central Florida. I had been at the "dog school" for about 2 weeks for training with my new guide dog. Both William and I were getting pretty tired.

So far, we had worked on walking together and learning each other's pace. I had learned how to give him the right hand commands and he knew just what I meant if I told him "busy, busy." (If you don't know what that means, well, it's bathroom talk so I won't elaborate.)

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