Go to Work on Purpose

The average person will spend about 70,000 hours at work. That's a significant part of one's life, and yet many find themselves lacking joy and purpose in it. We get worn down by challenges and monotony at work. We feel little appreciation for what we do. We hear people boast about things like vacations and retirement or talk about the value and satisfaction of ministry and missions. All this can leave us sitting at our desk wondering if what we do there matters at all. Fortunately, the Bible doesn’t leave us alone in the dark with that question. In fact, it answers it on the very first page. Let Genesis 1 refresh your perspective on your vocation, and make the most of your time on the clock.


God created people to have dominion. They were not created to vacation or shop or play video games all day. People were created to work. Much confusion on work exists because of confusion on what we are created to be and do. God makes sure we understand work is a vital component of who we are.

When I was young, I thought life was about having fun and doing as little as possible. This left me struggling in school and in life. Work always seemed like a second rate option for life, but after becoming a Christian in college and reading the Bible, it was incredibly helpful to see that God created us to do something in life, to steward, contribute, and produce. When we find ourselves at work, whether 9-to-5 or nightshift, in a cubicle or at home, we shouldn't think we missed our purpose. We are actually doing what God created us to do!

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