God and Pregnancy Disappointments

Stunned might be the best word to describe my husband Ted's reaction when those two pink lines appeared. The ones that screamed, "Your wife is pregnant!" We'd only been married eight months. Home pregnancy tests weren't something we anticipated on our grocery list quite yet. The truth is, we weren't entirely confident pregnancy would happen for us at all.

You see, Ted came to me with a history. A medical one, that is. Five years earlier, he'd been diagnosed with testicular cancer. Thankfully, it was caught early. The result was surgery and years of follow-up CT scans, blood tests, and chest X-rays. We were still strangers when he walked through the initial uncertainties of cancer, however I entered his life just in time to accompany him to his final CT-scan. I shared his joy when it came back clear, bringing that season of his life to a close.

While the CT scans were done, Ted's worries weren't.

The procedure had been straightforward, leaving what Ted referred to as "spare parts," but he still wasn't sure what that meant for us and biological children. Would he be able to father any? He was concerned that somehow his odds had been reduced too much.

It wasn't a concern he fully voiced to me until after we'd been married a few months. I still remember the emotionally-charged conversation we had in the galley-style kitchen of the first condo we shared.

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