God and Black Friday

Much planning goes into preparing for a successful Black Friday. Cash flow is carefully monitored. Credit limits are pushed to the max. Intricate strategies for timing and storage of products are worked and reworked. The stress levels are high. Did you think I am referring to the business plans of retailers?

Ah, no.

Actually, I am talking about the plans of the average American shopper. The Thanksgiving Dinner becomes a fading mirage as the execution of a successful Black Friday shopping trip takes center stage.

Black Friday is about spending the least amount of money to gain the most amount of gifts. This is the strategy of "smart" shoppers.

Just one question. How much is God involved in your planning? The Scriptures teach that God is intimately involved in business and profit. This would include selling and buying. The goal of Black Friday savings is the equivalent of the retailer whose goal is profit. Both the seller and the buyer are attempting to get the most for their investment.

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