God, Country, and Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty stands tall on Liberty Island in the middle of New York Harbor. She holds her beacon of light high above her head, and is attired in a flowing robe. She is "crowned" with a seven-point headpiece. While this statue is not to be considered a Christian symbol and was never intended to honor Almighty God, Lady Liberty does stand as an emblem of freedom — freedom from persecution in government, social and economic oppression and even freedom of religious beliefs and practices. It is an emblem of the personal liberty upon which our country was built. Yet, when we consider those liberties in our world today, even though they are constitutionalized to be upheld, they are being eroded in ways that we have never seen before. This is a foreshadowing of things that we cannot even begin to imagine. Everyone agrees that there are huge problems in our country, and things need to change. The question we should be asking is, what can Christians do about it?

As Christians our beacon of light is much different than Lady Liberty's torch. It is not a torch that we hold high, but rather it's the light of a Person, which emanates from our being. Our flowing robe is not seen by others, but it is something that we are assured we possess. Our robe is a robe of righteousness, gifted to us by the one who earned it for us. One day we will stand before God clothed in this robe and worthy to enter His kingdom. Lady Liberty's seven pointed headpiece adorns her head, but we are yet to receive our crown — a crown that reflects His radiance and the good works that He has worked through us.

I know there are some who see Lady Liberty as a pagan symbol of worldly power and representing governmental influence and personal strength and glory. It is not my intent to compare, but rather to contrast, this "lady" with our Lord.

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