God Doesn't Take Coffee Breaks

Much of our behavior is centered around self-protection. When someone sins against us we often act like God was looking the other way or perhaps he was on coffee-break and missed the wrong done to us. For example: A young child has his toy taken by an older sibling. He cries out to his parents.

A teenager lies to her mother. The mother informs her daughter that she can’t be trusted.

A friend says something really stupid. You react with shock and awe.

A co-worker takes credit for something you did. You look for a way to get even.

Your spouse is insensitive and hurtful. You withdraw and become discouraged.

You have a car accident the same day you learn you are not being promoted at work. Prayer and kindness to others drop to the bottom of your priorities.

These scenarios are typical and sadly, so are the responses. Jesus has called you and me not to be typical, but loving. When we love, we realize that God didn't miss the wrong that happened in our lives. We realize that God provided exactly the right opportunity for us to show love to others and to him.

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