When God Messes with Your Life Plan

Creating life plans is big business these days. For a sum of money, you can hire a Life Coach (Life Guru, Life Master, Life Sensei, whatever it's called), and they will then help you construct a master life plan. The life plan will probably contain some, or all, of the following items: A grandiose life mission statement, which makes you sound pretty awesome.

One-year goals, five-years goals, and life goals.

Specific areas of focus in your life (spiritual, physical, familial, etc.)

A specific trajectory for your life. In other words, a specific description of where you want to be in five years. Most likely, this will include a specific job, a specific level of income, a specific geographic location, and perhaps a specific Body Mass Index.

And the reality is, even if you don’t have a formal, written, life plan, you have a life plan in your head. We all do. You have an imagined future in your head. You want to have a family, have kids, get a college degree, start a business, travel Europe, etc. You get the point. I don't have a formally stated life plan, but I want to accomplish certain things. I want to attain a certain level of comfort and stability for me and my family. I want my life to actually mean something. To reference a well-known author who seems to get quoted a lot on this site, I don’t want to waste my life.

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