God Said to Mary

You have found favor with God.You will become pregnant and give birth to a Son. You will name him Jesus. He will be great and ascend to the throne of David.

Mary then asks the obvious question -- how can this happen since I am a virgin? Her question is not one of doubt, but of one of facilitation. She accepted the angel at his word. She is simply asking how it will happen, because she has no husband and is a virgin. Her response is of a totally different sort than Zechariah's when he was told of that he would become a father. Like Mary, Zechariah was troubled and shaken by the sudden appearance of the angel of God. Like Mary, Zechariah was told of a wonderful birth, a birth that he and his wife had longed for. He was to have a son! Yet he responded with doubt. He challenged the angel and asked how can I be sure of this? So, even though he knew the Scriptures, knew of the power of God to grant birth to those who were past the age of childbearing, he doubted and demanded proof so he could believe. He did not respond in faith. Sadly, Zechariah's response was much like our own -- we are not certain of what we do not see.

But Mary simply asked how this would happen. The angel then revealed news even more stunning news. Mary was told that she would become pregnant by the Spirit of God! There would be no human father for this boy.

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