God Speaks to a World in Chaos

Things were falling apart in Israel, the northern kingdom that followed the ways of Jeroboam. The worship of God had been exchanged for the worship of convenience. The truth of God was exchanged for the pleasures of the flesh. The prophets of the Lord were exchanged for the prophets of Baal. The practice of purity was exchanged for debauchery and lewdness. The word of God was exchanged for human desires. Sound familiar?

God's message to Israel 2,800 years ago is the same for you today. As Psalm 2 says, the Lord laughs at those who think they are in control. The corrupt rule of man has been replaced with the Prince of Peace. In a world falling apart, Christ is on the throne building an unshakeable kingdom of faith. He leads a kingdom that is connected to the wonder of eternity. Right here, right now Jesus is reigning. Whatever circumstance you are in at this moment is one that God is transforming to bring honor to his name. He makes what appears hopeless into hope. Christ must become your reference point, not your circumstances.

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