Of Good Cheer

It was during a Wednesday night episode of American Idol that Dorothy Jane took her first glimpse of this world. This inaugural look was filled with the sights and sounds of a hospital delivery room nestled in the chilly suburbs of Chicago. Our home away from home that March day in 2011.

It came after eight hours of labor with little to no progress. It seems that Dot was in no hurry to make an appearance. Yet, as soon as we resigned to simply watch TV, she changed her mind. Within 30 minutes, there she was. Her dark hair and expressive eyes stealing the show from that year's Top 10 finalists.

Included in those first glances were faces. Many of them.

You see, this wasn't an intimate family affair ... although that's how I prefer my birthing experiences to be. I'm good with me, my husband Ted, and two or three medical professionals. Nope, this time we were also joined by a group of four nursing students. When they'd politely asked to witness Dorothy’s introductory taste of post-womb air, I replied, "Sure, why not?" Looking back, I think it may have been the epidural-induced euphoria answering.

Ten minutes after her birth, Dorothy struck up a conversation with her papa. Her side all in soft coos, the only language other than "whaa!" that she could articulate back then. Our American Idol show stopper was off to a talkative start.

Two days later, Ted was handed a pink slip.

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