Gossip: Words That Destroy

gossipmainGossip destroys individual families, close friendships, churches, and reputations. It ends careers and shatters lives. Tragically, it is one sin that is rarely confronted. In fact, gossip is encouraged because our flesh is intrigued by what we might hear. All that is needed to set gossip in motion is this enticing setup:

"Did you hear about..."

These words are an invitation to destruction. Don't allow yourself to be part of an ugly communication chain. Perhaps this illustration will help makes things clearer:

Someone comes to you and instead of saying, "Did you hear about..." he says, "Let me tell you about the marriage I am helping to destroy." Suddenly, the words don't sound inviting anymore. You would immediately question the intent of the speaker. This is the reality hiding behind the pretense of passing information. Gossip is deceptive!

We live in the information age. The acquisition of information has become akin to a civil right. Social networks, 24/7 news channels, texts, tweets, all lead to the false premise that we are entitled to as much information as we can consume. There is precious little verification of this information. Verification requires time, restraint, and careful investigation. Verification is not compatible with gossip.

So what is gossip?

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