Grace Greater Than All Our Worries

graceworriesmain"Mommy, what's the matter?"

My son can sense it. The tension and worry that saturates my heart oozes from my presence. "I just have so much on my mind. I forgot to do something, that's all," I replied.

But that's not all. I say it like it's not a big deal. But from the mouth of a child, his question reminds me that I shouldn't feel this way. This burden I'm carrying on my shoulders seems to get heavier with each new day. Lately, my to-do lists have to-do lists.

With a hectic, busy life, full of responsibilities, I'm afraid I'll forget something crucial and important. I worry that if I don't do it (and there's always an it), then no one else will. So I try to keep everything under my control. I'm constantly reminding myself of what I have to do. "I can't forget this... " "I better do that first thing tomorrow." "It would be bad if I didn't do this..." I focus on all the "what if's," and the worry consumes me. My child can see it because it's etched across my face.

Yet I am fooling myself. I'm not really in control of anything. I could write a thousand to-do lists, and it wouldn't matter. God is in control, not me. I've been bitten by a serpent-shaped lie that says I can orchestrate all the details of my life. That I can plan them and execute all on my own. The lie then produces fear when the reality crashes in that I actually can't do it at all.

Because rather than being in control of all that I fear, fear has gotten control of me.

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