Grace is Rocket Fuel

rocketfuelmainWhen we first got married, my wife and I made a decision to go to bed together at the same time. We had been told by more than one person that schedules can get hectic and bed time can help us reconnect daily. And we believed it.

For the first few months, we disciplined ourselves, and it wasn't easy. During that first year, we both were working full time, and I was getting my Master's degree from a school an hour away from where we lived. It didn't matter if one of us worked late or if I had homework, we made it a point to go to bed at the same time, every night.

Until that one night, in the middle of the semester.

That's going to happen, by the way. If you're getting married, and you're setting up rules to live by, understand that those rules must conform to how you're living. When we decided to go to bed together, we didn't quite grasp the idea that both of us were going to be unable to make that commitment all the time. Making a rule that will only end up in unneeded guilt doesn't help anyone.

So back to the scene. Sunday had endured a rough day, and I was getting settled into a long night of reading and research.

Then she yawned. She followed that by a stretch, and an even louder yawn. I tried to ignore the staring and the blinking and the loud coughing hints that she was going to bed. I didn’t look up when she came back in the living room, brushing her teeth. I didn't bat an eye when she leaned over to kiss me good night, wearing her flannel pajamas.

I didn't get up. I didn't say anything.

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