How Great Couples Grow Old Together

What is the mark of a great couple? What about an older couple that stands out from the crowd? What makes you stop and say to yourself, "They're still in love after all of these years"?

If you're anything like me, you notice the signs. They're often subtle, but nevertheless they're consistent.

The difference is that some couples grow old, and others grow old together.

They make time for each other, they nurture their friendship, they honour each other with their words, they respect their relationship enough to work it out instead of stepping out, and they honour the sacred vows they once made.

Couples like this aren't perfect in fact I'll venture to guess that many of them have gone through trials and failed the ones that they love. And just like the rest of us, they've said things that hurt. They've done things they wish they could take back. Just like us, they're human beings walking in grace.

But here's the thing – they overcome trials together.

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