Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?

Happy Holidays is the sensitive, politically correct, caring greeting to offer from Thanksgiving Day until Happy Holiday Day. After Happy Holiday Day then it is fine form to actually say Happy New Year. No one seems to be offended at the prospect of celebrating parties, drunkenness and the fleeting hope that next year will be better than this year. Therefore, to offer a truly happy, non-offensive greeting all you have to do is to avoid the mention of anything that might possibly be a reference to Jesus Christ.

But, then it is fair to ask why should anyone be happy if God and his Son are not the reason for being happy. During the holidays people eat too much, spend money on friends and relatives they don’t even like, go into debt for things that will end up in the landfill, have hangovers and bad memories. What is happy about that?

The attempt to disconnect God from the holiday season actually leads to despair. In this politically correct world, the only logical response to someone wishing you Happy Holidays is why?

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