Happy Old Year

There is a popular definition for insanity that is attributed to Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein and others. It goes like this:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Every January 1st, most of the world celebrates insanity. Times Square is filled with people who watch a crystal ball descend as midnight approaches. Millions more watch on televison. When the ball ends its journey a massive celebration erupts. People are excited about the promise of a new calendar year. They hope the disappointments of the previous year will be replaced by better times in the new year.

Apart from the renewal that can only come from a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, the new year will be just like the old one -- another exercise of insanity. Just because people with old natures gather in a large champaign-toasted celebration does not mean there will be renewal and redemption. People believe they can make things better by their own effort and will. But, the festival dissolves into a painful hangover. What promised to be new has become old again.

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