Has anyone ever told you that you look like Kirk Cameron?

Today's funny story. I made my daily pilgrimage through the corn fields of Western New York to a favorite espresso cafe called "Muddy Waters." I had a brief conversation with a young man behind the counter. Here's the basic transcript, beginning with his questions and my responses:

"Has anyone ever told you that you look like Kirk Cameron?"

"Yes. People tell me that every day."

"Oh. I'm SO SORRY. That's awful that you have to deal with that every day. That guy became a crazy, born again Christian. I'm not sure he acts anymore."

I smiled, reached over the counter to shake his hand, and asked him his name. He told me, and then I introduced myself. "Good to meet you. I AM Kirk Cameron, that crazy, born again Christian guy. And yes, I still act."

The poor guy spent the next 5 minutes with a tomato-red face, trying to remove his foot from his mouth as we talked about his hopes of one day becoming an actor. The coffee was delicious (complete with a signature chocolate "MW"), but the conversation was hilarious!