Has Divorce Ever Crossed Your Mind?

Sometimes, what we know is true and how our spouse makes us feel collide in spectacular fashion. Make your wife angry and she's liable to say anything. Back your husband into a corner and the marriage is in for some serious damage. Is this sinful? Yes. Is this the way mature Christians should act? No. But, it happens, doesn't it? And, before long, doubts that were unthinkable early in your marriage begin to creep in ... God doesn't want me to be unhappy. Who is this person, really? I don't even know him/her. I think I married the wrong person.

Sometimes it can feel as if you're living with an enemy, right in your own home.

And when you feel that way, know this for certain: You are living with the enemy. But emotions are powerful things and right now, they're blinding you to who that enemy really is.

Too often in Christian marriages, the truth becomes collateral damage in the war of words, actions, emotions, and pain. And, that's just the way The Destroyer wants it. He's great at getting focus off of where it should be and onto where it shouldn't.

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