Hate Speech Is Code For Speech I Don't Agree With

Hate speech is code for speech I do not agree with, speech I want stopped. In the United States of America and any previous English colony, the term "hate speech" should be considered with grave skepticism. What brought me to write about this topic today are several items that came up via electronic media. First, was an Ann Curry accusation of hate speech leveled at Kirk Cameron. I will not address this directly because it is too predictable, but I will argue Cameron's point of view shortly. Second, there were numerous articles citing Dan Savage making statements that tended to identify him as a sympathizer with the concept of mandatory abortion. Here we have a man, Dan Savage, who is very concerned about homosexuals being bullied, but who would have governments bully heterosexuals to the degree that they limited their ability to procreate. I am in diametric opposition to most of what Dan Savage holds dear, but his exercise of free speech does not in any way harm me.

Free speech is a double-edged sword. With one side, one can cut the opposition; with the other side, one can cut one's self. In reading a little about Mr. Savage's latest foot-in-mouth incident, I was introduced to an ally I had not known of, one Peter Hitchens. If, in the future, I read that Peter Hitchens or, for that matter, Kirk Cameron, has written or said something indefensible, that news will hurt. For when an ally speaks foolishly, that foolishness hurts the cause and when those who would appear to be allies speak foolishly, they tend to hurt the cause.

Homosexual sex is a sin. I discourage it. In doing so, many would say I am committing hate speech.

Sex outside of marriage is a sin. I discourage it. More folks would tend to discount this notion as quaint, than would identify it as hate speech.

I am a sinner. From the age of ten years or at whatever point I knew right from wrong, to one degree or another, I have sinned, certainly on a weekly basis, possibly on a daily basis. I love myself, but I must do a better job of hating my sin. As for my neighbor, I must love my neighbor and hate his sin as well.

The idea put forth by my Lord is that I should hate the sin and destroy the sin in my life as highest priority, for my sin is the sin with which I am most familiar. Secondly, I must discourage the sin of others. Those who have listened to the Lord should know well His instruction: I am to love Him with all my being, and I am to love my neighbor as I love myself. If I seek to practice these two loves, I will do an excellent job of battling sin.

Homosexual acts are foolish garden variety sins. Failing to love my neighbor is an exceptional sin, because it indicates a habitual lack of concern for fighting sin by ignoring the two laws of love from which good laws are born -- first, love God; next, love my neighbor.

I must love my neighbors who identify themselves with their proclivity "gay," but in doing so, I must hate the sin they celebrate. One can love an obese person and hate the practices that make them obese. One can love an addict and hate the practices that make addicts love their addiction more than they love nobler things. One can love a pervert and hate the sex pervert's practice, those things that lure them away from family and true intimacy.

I trust what is written here will hurt someone's feelings, will make others angry. If you are hurt, I suggest introspection. If you are righteously angry, come to combat with a strong argument. I encourage this frighteningly beautiful thing called free speech.