Help! I Married an Introvert

introvertsmain She's classical. I'm rock 'n' roll.

She's patient. I'm impulsive.

She's soft-spoken while I can't stop talking.

She's practical -- loves the details. I'm visionary -- love the big picture.

She loves filling our evenings by cuddling up with a cup of coffee and reading together—just the two of us. I love that too but also crave adventure.

She loves going deep with a few close friends, while I want to be friends with everyone I meet.

She is an introvert, and I am . . . well . . . I am not.

She is strong in all the areas I am weak. We are different in so many ways, and yet we complement each other so well.

We haven't always celebrated these differences. Earlier in our marriage, this was a point of frustration. We struggled to understand each other or value one another's personalities, viewpoints, and preferences.

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