Help Your Kids: Acknowledge Your Sins Quickly!

You just became impatient with your nine-year-old. He was slow doing his part of the spring yard work. You snapped at him and told him if he didn't work harder he would lose his computer privileges for six months. You immediately felt guilty. Here are some of the ways in which you might respond if you are not engaging in genuine repentance and renewal:

  1. You think that you shouldn't feel guilty because he really is being slow. You know you should not have snapped, but he should have worked faster, so you say nothing.
  2. You are embarrassed about snapping but reluctant to acknowledge it to your son, so again, you say nothing.
  3. You feel guilty for snapping, so you apologize profusely and tell him that the work he did was great and that you really didn't mean he couldn't use the computer. Then you say why doesn't he take the rest of the afternoon off and you will finish up his part of the work.
  4. You apologize for snapping, but tell him that you have a lot to do, and he really needs to get with the program and show you that he cares about doing his work, because that is what he should do to honor God.

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