History's Proven Solution to Barbarism

The "civilized" world is in shock as it is bombarded daily with scenes of kidnaping, burning or beheading of Christians, journalists, aid workers and soldiers. What hope is there of ever ending such barbarityby Islamic radicals like ISIL? The story of one man who confronted a nation filled with human sacrifice, genocide and sex slavery, can give us lasting encouragement. This man's name was Patrick. We know him today as St. Patrick, the founder of Ireland.

There once was a land so barbaric and backward that even the Roman Empire refused to go there. Early medieval maps designated the unmapped territory of Ireland with the title "Here do be monsters."

Over 1,000 Irish slave traders attacked a small town on the northwest coast of Britain in 405 A.D. Their goal? To capture hundreds of Christian youth and sell them into slavery back in Ireland. Sixteen year old Patrick was beaten, bound and thrown into the raider's ship and quickly transported back to Ireland along with hundreds of other youth. There this Celtic boy, the son of a Christian elder and nobleman, was sold as a slave to a pagan, druid warlord named Miliucc in the frozen north of the Island.

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