Hold on to Your Fork: The Best Is Yet to Come

The man lay in his casket ... holding a fork. Certainly not a description I expected to hear from my husband after the funeral he recently attended, I stopped chopping vegetables to hear the full story.

The man was well-known in his large family for saying at the end of every meal, "Keep your fork! The best is yet to come!" in anticipation of the delicious dessert always sure to follow.

A former pastor, the man wisely applied this belief to life — and death. So, as a powerful symbol of the gentleman's spiritual legacy, his family decided to bury their patriarch gripping a fork in his hand.

I cannot get the image out of my mind, this man of God holding a fork in his hand.

And I wonder ... is this how I live my life — as if the best is yet to come? Is this how I am teaching my children to live their lives?

Or, instead, am I so restless in the rigmarole of my run-of-the-mill Midwestern life, in my unremarkable little corner of the world, that I unwittingly evoke a cynical is-this-all-there-is attitude?

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