The Holy Spirit Says Heaven is for Real!

The Holy Spirit has given his word that heaven is a reality. He has provided vivid and breathtaking descriptions of the wonder of heaven in the Bible. In his wisdom, God has provided exactly what we need to know about what heaven is like. But, there is more. For you and me to believe and trust in the Bible, Jesus Christ had to die. If Jesus had not suffered agonizing punishment and death for our sins, we would not be capable of seeing the wonder and majesty of the Spirit's book; we would never have the faith to believe its truth. Therefore, we can trust what is written in God's word because God guaranteed its truth by the death of his son. So, what the Holy Spirit has written cannot be equaled in reliability by any other author or account. Further, God is not in need of the confirmation or approval of men to validate his truth. God’s truth is validated by the most impeccable source possible: his own holy character.

Why is this understanding important?

A book, and now a new movie, about the reality of heaven have been recently released. Both the book and the movie are based on a young boy's life-experience, offering proof that heaven is for real. The question is, do these experiences actually give us a better reason to trust God about heaven?

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