Honor Marriage, Love Your Children

Marriage has fallen on hard times. Many of you reading this have experienced divorce, either directly or from the impact of someone close to you. When divorce is a part of your family history, your daily conversations must reflect God's healing power and your focus on serving Him now, rather than the problems of a troubled past. This poses a particular challenge for blended families and parents who must continue to interact with each other after a divorce. Shattered relationships may remain shattered. Hurt may grow over time, instead of fading. Because a one-flesh relationship has been ripped apart there are many rough edges and raw emotions. It seems for every situation where divorce does not cause lasting pain, there are many more where the difficulties endure.

Caught in the middle are your children. God wants you to honor marriage. True, your marriage may not have ended well. But human failure does not mean marriage is flawed and to be avoided. Ephesians 4:29 calls you to say only words that are helpful for building others up. If you are to love your children this is exactly what you must do.

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