Honoring God in Cyberspace

onlinemainFacebook, blogs, online communities, texting, tweeting -- these are things that were virtually unknown a decade ago. Today our lives, as well as our children's lives, are dominated by Internet-enabled communities. The use of language has changed as well. There is a cyber vocabulary that is unique to the electronic world. Letter groups such as LOL, ttyl, and np, form a modern shorthand that allows for an almost instant transmission of moods, thoughts and plans across cities, states and continents. People write on electronic walls to announce when and what they are eating, what the weather is, and how they feel about it. Everyone who is anyone tweets!?! Amazing! Prior to this new age of cyber communities, people would not think of phoning, or even emailing, a friend in another state to announce that they had just put the kids to bed.

Photos of embarrassing moments used to thrown away once you got your photos back from being developed (I know, ancient history), now are texted or posted on Facebook within moments. Now, thanks to Facebook, texts, and tweets dozens, if not hundreds of folks -- many of whom you don't even know -- hear or see instant details about your life. And, of course, your children are also citizens of cyberspace. Therefore, it is appropriate to ask what biblical principles intersect with 21st-century electronic information transfer? You have to admit it is a stretch to think of Paul texting Timothy to bring him the parchments so that he can post them on his blog.

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