Honoring Mothers 24/7

Flowers and gifts on Mother's Day are good things. But there is more. When we read the exhortation of Proverbs 31:31 to honor mothers and wives for all that they have done, we are not rating their performance, but instead, we are honor them with gratitude simply for who they are. Motherhood is part of the plan of God to bring glory to himself. For Christians, we have the additional blessing of honoring our mothers for who they are in Christ. Your mother, like any other mother, has not been a perfect mom. However, she is living out her role in bringing new life to the earth and nurturing it. She provides warmth and encouragement to her family when no one else will. Moms think about their children 24/7. Whether she works outside the home or not, her children are on her mind. Clothes are washed, meals are made, homes are given order, seemingly insurmountable problems are resolved, and lives are nurtured. Even when the kids grow up and leave home, Mom still wonders whether they are getting enough sleep and eating the right food.

But, as devoted as moms are, giving honor to them is not to be based on a ratings scale. No one other than God can fully appreciate the relational sacrifice that mothers make for their families. That is why mothers should be honored. They provide love and care that can be found nowhere else.

And yes, all of this is done imperfectly. Life's struggles are real and constant. We should not appreciate mothers for getting it all right, but for embracing the challenge of their responsibilities in such an intimate way. There is nothing quite so personal as the job of motherhood. It is often daunting and discouraging, but moms continue to be moms.

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