Hope for a Troubled Marriage

I had a neighbor once who worked with a mutual friend of ours. For the sake of her privacy, I'll call our friend "Hannah." "I'm heartbroken," she said, "Hannah is so pretty, but her husband doesn't pay enough attention to her. She could get any guy that she wants. I told her that she deserves more than all this. She needs to get out and make herself happy."

I was disappointed, but I wasn't surprised to hear that. This mindset is rampant in our society. We live in a culture where people upgrade their smart phones, their computers, their homes, and in many cases — their spouse. Gone are the days when people held to the promise they made to endure till the end.

Shortly after that, Hannah stepped out of her marriage on a quest to make herself happy.

About two years, and two hundred bad choices later, Hannah was left feeling empty. A trail of broken relationships failed to quench the thirst that was burning inside her.

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