Hope for the Not so Strong-Willed Mom

I answered the phone one Friday in May, just six days before school was out, and heard my tenth-grade son's history teacher say, "Mrs. Rothschild." (It's never a good sign when a phone call begins with Mrs.) "Your son, Clayton, has a 69 in my class. He's so bright and I know he can do better.... I thought you could encourage him."

Oh, yes. I was ready to "encourage" him!

I was upset, panicked, and feeling guilty that I hadn't been more alert. I was a mixed up mess of emotions.

I called my husband Phil and told him. He responded with the same set of emotions and desire to "encourage" Clayton!

"I will handle it, Honey," I urged. "I really need to be strong!"

Now, if you are a strong-willed mom, you may not understand why I said that to my husband. But, here's the deal. Clayton was a strong-willed child, but I wasn't a strong-willed mom.

During his teen years, I had been inconsistent and given in way-too-easily.

This was a chance for me to be strong.

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