How a Good Attitude Can Change the Course of Your Marriage

A young woman was troubled. After five years, her marriage wasn't going quite the way that she hoped it would. She was a busy mom of two little ones, they were struggling financially, laundry was backed up, the dishwasher was broken, and her husband was often overtired after long days of work. It had been a while since she had "mom and dad" time and even longer since she had any time for herself. She was discouraged.

This wasn't what she saw growing up. For the most part her parents seemed really happy, so why wasn't she?

Sitting across from her mother one afternoon, she opened up about her problems. "Mom," she said, "how do you and Dad do it? How have you managed to raise four kids together and stay happy all of these years?"

Pouring her daughter a cup of tea, her mom smiled at her, hung up her apron and sat down for a chat. "One thing I can tell you for sure," she said, "when I finally leave this earth I'll be able to say that I had a reason to smile each and every day of my marriage."

"But how do you know that for sure," she asked. "What if he isn't the same man tomorrow? And what if he disappoints you?"

"Because," her mother said, reaching out for her hand, "He doesn't hold the key to my joy -- God does. As long as I'm married I'll find a reason to smile. And if I have to dig deep for one, that's what I'll do."

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