How Big Is Your God?

One morning, at an orphanage in England, children sat down for their breakfast, except there was no food on their plates. There was no food on the table or in the kitchen. The children bowed their heads and a man began to pray, "Dear Father, we thank you for what you are going to give us to eat."

It wasn't long after this prayer that breakfast was indeed provided to these children through a baker who couldn't sleep that night and baked a bunch of bread for them and a milkman whose cart broke down close to the orphanage and donated his milk to the children.

This man whose faith was so bold was George Mueller, a German living in England and whom God saved out of a very rebellious lifestyle. His life was characterized by a radical faith, and a strong trust that God would provide.

I want this kind of faith!

To be honest, I would have been in a sheer panic if I had been there that day. I know this because I stress and worry about much smaller things, like all the stuff on my to-do list, bills that are more than I anticipated, illnesses that run through the family, running late, not sleeping well, and many other things.

It's embarrassing, really, how little faith I have that God will take care of me and I am pretty sure I am not the only one who struggles with this.

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