How Do You Fight Impure Thoughts?


How do I fight impure thoughts?


Last week we addressed a reader's question about whether the sins of impure thoughts could condemn a Christian and keep them from entering Heaven.

The answer in God's word is clear and concise. There is no sin that can condemn one who has been saved by Jesus (Romans 8:1). That includes sinful thoughts. We are eternally secure in His grace. Jesus lived the life we could not live and He died the death that we should die.

  • By His work on the cross our sins are forgiven.
  • By His gift of imputed righteousness we are made worthy to enter into Heaven.
  • And by His love and power we are kept secure forever.

Know these truths. Hold them captive in your mind and hide them in your heart. No sin you commit will condemn you. You will never be separated from the love of Jesus (Romans 8:38-39).

Now let's address the second question about ongoing sin in a Christian’s life. Specifically, let's address the sins of impurity in one’s thought life. While ongoing sins will not separate us from our union with Jesus, they will harm our communion with Him.

How do I fight impure thoughts?

The principle is really quite simple, but the practice is not. In order to overcome impure thoughts, we must take control of our minds.

[Please be certain to read to the end of this article and read the postscript. It’s a response I received from a reader, who brings another consideration to this battle ... and it’s important.]

Not so easy, you say? Your mind seems to have a “life” of its own? Let’s begin by remembering that the Spirit who dwells within us is more powerful than anything or anyone ... and that includes us.

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