How Do You Know If Your Home Is Too Parent-Centered?

Not too long ago a shirt arrived in the mail. It was a t-shirt covered with pictures of pizzas. Pizza!!!

A few days before that the mailman delivered a package with a skirt. The skirt had alien heads all over it!

Alien heads!!!

Theses pieces of clothing belong to one of my daughters.

Now my daughter is the sweetest, most compliant person I have ever known. She is quiet, never complains, creative, kind and loves the Lord.

But when it comes to her fashion style we are very, VERY different.

It is something I have been struggling with and a topic that the Lord is gently challenging me on.

He is challenging my view of fashion

Who said that flowers or stripes are better than alien heads? Where is it written that cream and lace are better than hot pink? Isn't it okay for one person to love a shirt with a giant unicorn on it while another person prefers something more plain? The Bible does not speak to these things but it does speak about modesty and so modesty will be upheld in our home.

The Scripture also warns me not to unnecessarily provoke my children, but to bring them up in the instruction of the Lord (Eph. 6:1-4). I must be careful to lead them without oppressing them and to not bog them down with a bunch of self-made rules and regulations.

I need to let my daughter enjoy these years where she can experiment with crazy colors and odd patterns because before long she will join the working world and will probably have some kind of a dress code.

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