How Five Words Can Set Off Some Spectacular Fireworks

fivewordsfireworksmainI'm hoping you won't think any less of me.

But I'm not really much of a texter.

I know that puts me hopelessly behind the times and my dear husband has done his best to bring me up to speed. He even went out and got me a snazzy new phone (and, no, I haven't a clue what kind -- but it's got this really cute pink polka-dot cover that I picked out myself?).

So the other day I heard this peculiar swoosh sound emanating from the thing. Curious, I picked it up and saw there was a green bubble square indicating I had a message.

A message? For me?? And suddenly I'm a young girl in junior high who's just been passed a carefully folded-up note -- intended only for my eyes.

No name given, but I recognized the number. Knew it by heart. It was his. That man I married.

The message went like this: "Hey Gorgeous, you're my girl."

That's it. That's all he said.

But, ooh-hoo! Did that ever light some spectacular fireworks in my heart! I nearly swooned with love for the guy.

And I decided that I liked my new phone. And I liked texting. And I sure did like him.

It also got me thinking...

What about a reply? I should write back to him. What kind of "note" could I deliver in return? Hmmm...

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