How Routines Help Protect Your Marriage

routinemainWhen my husband Jeremiah and I were dating and just on the verge of engagement, I noticed a difference in the time we spent together as we grew more serious in our relationship.

I started to see that how I spent my time and energy would be much different as a married woman. My priorities would change from a schedule revolving pretty much around me to now considering my husband and what worked best for the both of us.

Those last few months before our wedding day, we went through an extremely helpful pre-marital book that a mentor had given us called Preparing for Marriage. After reading a chapter that dealt with expectations, we agreed that one of our expectations in marriage would be to go to bed together every night as much as we could help it.

One particular night in our first year of our marriage, Jeremiah got a phone call from his mom late in the evening. I didn't mind it at first, but the conversation lingered. He was out on the couch and I was in bed waiting for him to join me. I grew frustrated because it was getting late. A half hour went by and I was even more upset especially after I went in to remind him I was waiting. Besides, I couldn't fall asleep without him!

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