How the Gospel, Not Evolution, Can Solve Society's Problems

Is a better understanding of evolution the solution to our modern problems? This is certainly the thought of many scientists, sociologists, and behavioral researchers today. They believe that a better understanding of evolution will help us to discover new solutions to the problems that plague our society. For example, adultery is blamed on an evolved tendency to cheat because promiscuity yields more offspring than monogamy, and gang violence, which primarily exists among young men, is blamed on an evolutionary competition for resources and females that stretches through our ancestry. But is a better understanding of our alleged evolutionary past really the solution to our problems?

Evolution Is Not the Answer

Evolution suffers some major flaws in trying to provide a solution to moral dilemmas. First of all, in order to provide answers to moral questions, evolution must first provide a foundation for morality. But evolution can't do that! If we all evolved from animals, then humans are nothing more than highly evolved animals.

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