How to 4:8 Your Thoughts

A few years ago, I sat – did I say "sat?" I meant, I was stuck in front of a little girl and her daddy on an airplane. We’d been glued to the tarmac for forty-five minutes when we were told for the fourth time that we were delayed again. Ugh. I blew out a frustrated breath and fumed about everything that was wrong with this airline. I just knew that the past 45 minutes would turn into another 45 minutes and then into four hours and five hours and then ... deep breath ... I’d miss my connection, be stuck in Chicago and well, that’s enough. You get the idea. I was not a happy woman.

My stream of outrage was interrupted by the little girl’s sweet voice. “Daddy, I spy something blue.”

I knew her dad was as irritated as I was but he tried to be cheerful, so he started guessing, “Is it that bug on your t-shirt?” And so the game went through all the colors of the rainbow and then she said, “Daddy, I spy something good.”

Her dad chuckled. I figured he laughed for the same reason I did. It was pretty hard to spy anything good in our current, caged predicament. “Is it a bag of M&Ms?” the dad asked.

“No,” she said.

“Is it your new shoes or your sweet smile?” They went on and on like this. Who knew there were so many possibilities for good things to be crammed into this stuffy, stationary piece of machinery that should have been soaring through the clouds? I couldn’t help myself. I smiled. Listening to them pick out everything that was even remotely good helped this grumpy girl think twice about my attitude.

I realized I couldn’t spy anything good because I wasn’t looking for it.

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