How to Balance Work and Marriage

If you're like us, it seems that, unless we keep ourselves in check, life is always fast-paced and chaotic. There's rarely time to stop and breathe during the busy of the day. If we are not careful we'll find ourselves at wits end and not enjoying one another. We can both get so bogged-down with work that we forget that we have responsibilities outside of the job. Finding that balance between work and marriage is essential to honoring the vows that you made to one another. While our marriage isn’t perfect, we have found some ways to help keep our priorities straight. Here are some great ideas on how to balance work and marriage.

How to Balance Work and Marriage

Make a List of Priorities ... and Look at Them

We've found that making a list of the most important things to us: God, our marriage and our children helps us to put things into perspective. By putting our list of priorities in visible places, we're better able to say "no" when requests don't line-up with those things at the top of the list. Yes, work is important, but a quick review of the list reminds us that it’s not at the top of the list, and shouldn’t take more of our energy than our faith or family.

Leave Work at Work

One major step to finding the balance between work and marriage is leaving your work at work. While you may talk about how your day went, bringing work home (to complete after a full-day away from one another) is an energy and time drain on you…and on your marriage. Whenever possible, don’t bring more work home in the evening. If it’s not there to look at, you'll be less likely to try to fit it in during the time that you have to spend with your spouse. Being that we do much of our work at home, we make a point of shutting the door at the end of the work day. This is our way of putting an end to work for the evening.

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