How to Be Victorious Over Your Enemy

Sometimes life can get crazy, can't it? The car breaks down ... your phone won't stop ringing ... the dishwasher floods the kitchen ... your child loses his homework ... your computer crashes ... your dad is in the hospital ... the dog, well never mind. You get the idea.

It just seems like sometimes we get pelted with big stuff and little stuff ... one thing after another.

That is how it was in our house last week. Stuff, stuff, stuff!

But, more difficult than broken appliances and interrupted schedules is when our heart’s break, or our fear rises, or our souls get pelted with condemnation and lies...

"You're not good enough." "You can't get anything right." "You're such a failure."

When we get banged up by life because of difficult situations, constant little frustrations, or lies, we can feel really shaken up, can't we?

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