How to Become a Thankful Family

Do you ever feel like the time of year we are supposed to be most grateful, we struggle the most with discontentment, complaining, or ingratitude? We are three months into the school year, have just experienced a time change, the weather here in the midwest is turning gray and cold, and we're tired. We clearly see our struggles, notice our lack, and the grumbling in our hearts spills easily through our lips.

Of course, there isn't one time of year in which we should be more grateful – God's will for us is to always give thanks – but with Thanksgiving looming, November is our reset, a time to recalibrate our hearts and focus again on our many blessings.

But how do we begin when our hearts are so muddied with ingratitude?

I've found that the way to become a thankful family begins with 4 steps.

How to Become a Thankful Family

1. Confess Your Own Ungratefulness

I find it so easy to recognize ungratefulness in my children and scold them for it, but seeing my own grumbling spirit can be a little more difficult. I forget that my attitude sets the tone in my home, and my complaining is contagious – even when my complaining is only because of everyone else's complaining!

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