How to Build a Faithful Witness in Your Workplace

It's hard to forget just how nervous I was reaching into my bag to reveal, of all things, a Bible. As a follower of Jesus, a leader in my local church, and a general manager of a large and profitable "big box" retailer, it shouldn't have been so difficult, but it certainly was. Just weeks before, the weight of my leaving Jesus out of my professional life came crushing down on me. I knew something had to change, and so I did the only thing I knew to do: I brought my Bible to work. I would lay my Bible on my desk throughout the day, and then read it during my lunch break. It wasn't long before others began to notice my new routine. It initiated new relationships, changed other relationships, and sparked several conversations.

A Better Witness?

There was nothing wrong in doing this. Sometimes we just do all we know to do, and in this case, Bible-reading-as-witness at work made sense to me. But with that said, the "me now" would have some advice for the "me then."

We spend half of our awake life working. Let that sink in. Most of us spend more time with those at work than we do with our wives and children. "Authentic" and "organic" — the buzzwords abounding in today's relational world — are typically applied to those places in our life like our churches and communities, but what about our workplaces?

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