How to Create a Mission Statement For Your Marriage

Marriage is a journey of two people on a life-long mission. Whether we notice or not, we all go into marriage with a goal or two in mind. Whatever that goal or mission is, will be different for every couple. The key is to have the same goal as your husband, and the master key is to have a goal that's focused on the Lord.

A few years ago, when I was setting up a website, a friend asked me what my "mission statement" was.

"My mission?" I asked him, "Why do I need a mission?"

I should probably mention that this guy was a branding expert. He worked with some of the biggest companies out there formulating mission statements, but even so he knew that a little writer like me could benefit from some focus.

It gets you thinking about what's really important to you. As the years go by –- it helps to keep you on track.

In the same way a united purpose is an asset to a couple. Our faith is a fortress when our marriage is under attack.

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