How to Fight the Expectation Temptation

Anyone out there ever feel like you just can't meet everyone's expectations? Anyone? I do. We can get pretty stressed out when we feel like we fail to meet other's expectations for us...

We can't volunteer for that fund raiser. We don't call or write that loved one as often as we should. We can't keep the house clean enough, or the fridge full enough, or the calender empty enough! The list goes on and on.

Expectations come in many forms, but one thing they have in common is how we feel when we don't meet them ... downright lousy!

If you feel like you aren't meeting expectations, here are three ways to handle it:

1. Get the Facts

Feeling like you don't meet expectations is not always the same as failing to meet expectations.

Here's what I mean. Feelings are not always fact. You may feel like you aren't meeting expectations, but is that feeling based on fact? Ask those whom you trust.... Am I meeting your expectation? Get the facts. And, then base your feelings on facts.

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