How to Find a Circle of Mentors

It was the last thing I expected her to say as we were standing in the lobby. I really wish I knew how to find a mentor.

She seemed like the type that would be surrounded with mentors, but the fact was she had this ache in her heart for older women to come around her at church and nurture her life. She wanted the seasoned women of this world to speak into her soul and overflow onto her hope, perspective, insight.

Who doesn't among doesn't want a mentor like that?

While we might want to make our own decisions about mothering and home-keeping, being a wife and balancing a career, that does't mean we don't want to glean from those who've been-there and done-that, right?

Personally, I think in our fast-paced, screen-based world, we crave face-to-face relationships that ooze of perspectives from the past. I can't even count the number of times a day I wonder what it would have been like to mother before Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Would I have been lonelier? Would I have been busier? Would it have been simpler?

I crave the stories from wisdom-livers as I seek to live out the Word.

I want to know of what worked in the past, so that I can apply it to my life today. Do you feel this way too?

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