How to Find Contentment When It's Missing From Your Marriage

Many men and women are discontent in their marriages. Are you one of them? Maybe you're not discontent now but, could it creep into your relationship? Over time, we can stack up our list of minor and major grievances against our spouse like cord wood. One stick at a time ... a few months or years down the road and we have a huge pile of reasons to be less than content.

No doubt, some/much/all of it is true – you're not trading in fantasy, here. This stuff happened (happens). Whatever the case, like looking through binoculars, the more you keep looking at that pile the clearer it comes into focus, obscuring everything else.

And that gaze leads somewhere. It leads to being discontent.

I'm not going to encourage you to pretend none of it is real, or argue that it isn't very important, or shouldn't be addressed.

But, I have a question ... are you a grateful person?

Are you grateful for your spouse? Is there anything (several things) you could focus on that you are (should be) truly thankful for?

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