How to Find Rest When You Are Worn Out

I ran away from home last week. My friends, Paula and Joan, ran away with me. We rented a pontoon boat and loaded it down with snacks, sunscreen, books, towels, water, and ice.

We barely pulled away from the dock before we plopped our tired selves on those hot, clammy cushions.

Joan was the captain and she steered us into that blue water far from the less-than-smooth-sailing we call our lives! It was a party in slow motion… 3 frazzled 40-something's (or maybe 50-something's) out boating!

So, here we were ... slathered with sunscreen, decked out in our comfortable, practical, slightly middle-aged looking Lands End swim suits, collapsed on the warm sticky seats of the pontoon like we had just come out of battle!

All women wrestle with the same insecurities, fears, regrets, and faith.

Even fulfilled women get fatigued.

Even happy women feel haggard.

We ran away from home for a day on Table Rock Lake because we needed rest and restoration!

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