How to Get a Man to Talk

mantotalkmainMy husband has a t-shirt that says:

Be professional, be polite, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

He really is a good guy, he just doesn't want you to know it.

With three deployments under his belt and 16 years active duty in the Army, Patrick is the quintessential soldier. He is not effusive or excitable. Evasive and extreme introvert are more appropriate definitions.

I, on the other hand, am outgoing, overly excitable and wide open ... extremely talkative. For the first eight or nine years of our marriage, I took it upon myself to fill all the airspace that he left untouched. But I got tired. I longed for my husband to be more interactive, to occasionally talk before he thought and to get into discussions with me. I really wanted to know his opinion about more than what time I should program the coffee for on Monday morning.

Sometimes I'm a slow learner. Sometimes my pride slows the process even more as I argue with God that surely I'm not the one who needs to change. However, I have discovered the secret to loosening my husband’s tongue. Actually, there are two.

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