How to Get Past a Nasty Fight in Your Marriage

We all have them–disagreements, fights, tiffs, arguments, quarrels, squabbles, disputes… Call them what you will, but we all seem to have them. Michael and I didn’t really argue until our kids came along. Exhaustion and stress can do that to you. Sometimes a little sleep is the best solution for both of us, other times we need to sit down and calmly communicate our issues until we work out a solution.

The problem is that when you’re angry and hurt, it’s easier to argue than it is to be calm. It’s easier to stew in your anger than it is to let go.

Pride is destructive. It tells you how it’s more important to be right than it is to do right. It makes you feel little, while it tempts you to grasp a false sense of importance. It’s deceptive. It interfere’s with God’s word by twisting the truth into a lie. It beckons you to hold on to anger and hate. It rejects the mere thought of humility.

Here’s the thing about pride. It lurks in the shadows waiting and hoping that you’ll invite it back in. And when you do, it takes the wheel.

We all have a choice when we’re angry. It’s not always an easy choice, but we do have the ability to choose between pride and humility.

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